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In 2008 workSite celebrated its twentieth birthday by reflecting on the challenges facing Australian workplaces today with a series of articles and a conference on the theme Unions After WorkChoices.
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To mark the anniversary Professor Russell Lansbury reflects on 'Workplace Reform In Australia: Looking Forward Under Labor?'

Recollections of a Mad Idea
Harry Knowles reflects on 20 years of workSite. Read

union issues

WOS Research

work and citizenship

Working Life, Enterprise and Arbitration

Why management needs history

Harry Knowles argues that understanding history is an important part of business studies and the craft of management. Read

rhoda stuart
Rhoda Stuart, freethinker, socialist and accomplished singer, just one of 2,000 entries in the biographical register of the Australian labour movement.

Working Lives promotes innovative research into the role of the individual in labour and social history.

Working Lives draws together contributors examining a range of labour biography subjects and methodologies, including: labour history and narrative identity, trade union leadership, labour intellectuals, studies of the justices of the NSW Industrial Commission and a progress report on the Biographical Register of the Australian Labour Movement – which includes entries on 2,000 labour activists.


Workplaces Fit for Citizens?


debotton book
Alain de Botton's The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work brings an instinctive empathy to our efforts to extract a sense of self-worth from the daily grind. Read

Rebuilding Union Strength
LHMU National Secretary Louise Tarrant argues that through sheer hard work and smart organising strategies unions can rebuild industrial strength and grow their membership base. Read

around the world
Harry Knowles reports that American unions hope that new legislation will pass the Congress restoring workers' rights to bargain and join a union. Read

John Saville
One of the most influential labour and social historians of the post-Second World War generation has died. Read

TWU Acts on Carbon Road Print
TWU Secretary Tony Sheldon argues that the transport sector needs to do its bit in the new world of reducing carbon footprints. Read

Book Review: Labor Pains
Greg Patmore believes that the significance of this new study of Labor's early years has been highlighted by the recent clash between the ALP Annual Conference and the Iemma Government over the issue of electricity privatisation. Read

Postmodernity Haunts Labor's Workplace Policy
Mark Hearn argues that Kevin Rudd is cultivating two workplace nations, extending a trend towards postmodernity evident before the election of the the Howard government. Read

Beyond belief
Obituaries celebrating the life of former Hawke Labor Government minister John Button have focused on his role in industry reform and modernising the Labor Party. Less observed was Button's sharp analysis of the failure of Australia's trade unions to adapt to new circumstances. Read

Whatever happened to the revolution?
Michael Hogan argues that the fundamental skill of liberal democratic politics - a willingness to make compromises and accept second best for the sake of achieving genuine reforms - was systematically rejected by the "basket weavers and true believers" discussed in Tony Harris' book. Read

Rethinking Work
Mark Hearn and Grant Michelson introduce the themes of Rethinking Work and their relationship to the world of WorkChoices. Read

Power at Work
Michael Crosby's provocative call for revitalising Australia's unions raises some difficult - and unresolved - issues. Read

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