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rhoda stuart
Rhoda Stuart, freethinker, socialist and accomplished singer, just one of 2,000 entries in the biographical register of the Australian labour movement.

Working Lives promotes innovative research into the role of the individual in labour and social history.
Working Lives draws together contributors examining a range of labour biography subjects and methodologies, including: labour history and narrative identity, trade union leadership, labour intellectuals, studies of the justices of the NSW Industrial Commission and a progress report on the Biographical Register of the Australian Labour Movement – which includes entries on 2,000 labour activists.

In a blow to the Abbott government’s attempts to set the stage for a second-term attack on worker and union rights, the Productivity Commission’s draft report on workplace reform has found that ‘many features’ of the current Fair Work system ‘work well’. Read

In an important new study John Wright argues that 'the social and moral cost of growing inequality' is too important to be ignored. Read

Around the world
Harry Knowles reports that following a 30 year struggle by grassroots activists, Japan’s Diet has passed a crucial law promoting countermeasures against karoshi, death from overwork. Read

A Precariat Charter
Guy Standing's latest book, A Precariat Charter, asserts the rights of the economically marginalised. Read

The future of work
A new report on the future of work by the Commission for Employment and Skills in the United Kingdom outlines a 'four generation workforce’ by 2030. Read

Zero hour
Peter O’Brien reports on the rise of Zero Hours contracts in Britain – an ugly form of labour market deregulation. Read

Han Dongfang argues that the emerging labour movement in China will exert a profound impact on the country's future - and the rest of the world. Read

Hawke and Keating
A complex character and devious negotiator, with an ability to capture the hearts and minds of his audience through his oratory; Lis Kirkby finds David Lloyd George a political life for our times. Read

Eric Knight bases his book on the premise that the world is examined through a magnifying glass, and the magnifying glass is pointed at shiny objects. Read

Around the world
Unions in Michigan have failed to gain voter support for legislative protection of workers rights. The defeat is likely to lead to pressure by the Michigan legislature to enact a 'right to work' law. Read

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